Closure of Special Account in line with CPF’s purpose and intent: Lawrence Wong

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To improve wages across all professions, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) graduates will get two top-ups to pursue higher education.

The first is S$5,000 in their post-secondary education accounts when they enrol in a diploma programme. The second, given when they attain a diploma, is S$10,000 in their CPF Ordinary Account.

But the challenge would be for Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and employers to welcome these students, some panellists highlighted on Wednesday.

In response, Mr Wong said IHLs are “adapting”, and believes they will be able to take on board these adult learners.

“Some of them will be fresh grads from the ITE going straight to polytechnic, but some will be a bit older. And the polytechnics, the ITE themselves will, I’m sure, be able to take them on board and make sure that the curriculum is suitable for their needs,” he said.

He added that the range of offerings is now much wider, with ITEs also offering their own technical diplomas and work-study diplomas “together with a growing pool of companies that are very keen to have these students come on board, work with them and study at the same time”. 

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